Interim Executive Director

Interim Executive Director/Transition Coordinator
Instead of limping along without an executive director and fast tracking a traditional search to
replace the departed leader, consider contracting an interim executive or transition
coordinator with Mather Associates.  The role and the responsibilities of this individual will vary greatly
depending on your organization's mission, size, history and needs. A carefully crafted
set of expectations and goals will enable an interim executive to keep the
organization running smoothly, help the board analyze needs and trends,
and allow time to get member and other stakeholder input into the process.
A well executed search and leadership transition period is a valued investment of time and resources
into the organization, its mission and staff, and future viability.

Organizational Audit
A Mather organizational audit identifies strengths and opportunities in governance,
finance, personnel, policy, and community engagement. Utilizing open and friendly
communications with staff, we ask the right questions to assess areas of vulnerability
and potential risk. These recommendations can be addressed by our consultants or
they can become goals for an interim executive director's tenure.

Major organizational change shouldn't weaken, or even debilitate, your organization.
In a partnership with Mather Associates, unanticipated or planned organizational change
can become a valuable opportunity for positive growth.