Grants Management

How many times has your nonprofit's leadership frantically said, "We need to find a grant!"

How often has your nonprofit contemplated altering its program goals, or even its mission,
          in the quest for immediate funding relief?

Mather Associates understand the continuous and, at times, staggering challenges facing boards and executive leadership to maintain a viable nonprofit in the midst of shrinking funding opportunities, increasing restrictions, and a fluid economy. Our understanding stems from our active participation on local, state and national nonprofit boards and vast expertise in the executive director's chair. We've experienced life as both grantor and grantee.

We know that today's funders want to eagerly embrace your nonprofit's mission and passion, while their funds support your diligent and thorough program planning. With a Mather Associates partnership, your organization walks into its grant making relationships with the tools and preparation necessary to succeed. With experience in private, State, and Federal grants, Mather Associates can assist with one or all aspects of grants management, including:

  • Grant Prospect Identification
  • Program & Evaluation Planning
  • Budget Preparation
  • Crafting the Application
  • Timely Reporting
  • Fiscal Management
  • Comprehensive Oversight of a Start-up Grants Program