Fund Development

Fund development, resource development, fundraising, institutional advancement….whatever you call it, we can help you and your organization be more effective!

What we know:

  • Fund development is directly connected to the strategic plan. 
  • Fund development flows best from a culture of philanthropy, where everyone connected to the organization understands and upholds its mission and vision. 
  • Fund development is a team sport.  It takes enthusiastic staff, board and volunteers to get the job done. 
  • Fund development is a critical part of most nonprofits’ sustainability plan.  Private gifts and grants management can keep the doors open, or they can provide the resources that are not covered by other sources of income (public funding, income from programs and services).

Let Mather Associates help you assess your current development program and plan for the future:

  • Integrate fund development into mission-driven strategic planning
  • Conduct a feasibility study for a proposed upcoming capital campaign
  • Build a stewardship program that reaches out to your supporters and invites them to stay engaged in your organization
  • Establish policies and procedures to support your plan;
  • Provide counsel to your organization’s capital campaign
  • Create a diversified funding plan