Executive Director's Guide: Read all about it"

At Mather Associates, Jamie Batson, Ann Hopkins and I are very excited about a book called The Executive Director's Guide to Thriving as a Nonprofit Leader by Mim Carlson and Margaret Donohoe (Jossey-Bass). We highly recommend it for first time as well as experienced nonprofit executive directors. The fun is that you don't have to read it sequentially. For instance, if you want to know a bit more about “What should the ED do about a renegade board member?” just turn to page 166. In addition to sound advice and counsel, the book also has an awesome resource guide at the back. It also has helpful exhibits such as "Discovering your Stakeholders" and "Characteristics of the Generations" along with many ED self-help charts such as, “Executive Director Skills Competency Worksheet". We hope others find this book a good resource, too.

Cotton Cleveland